Top 5 Reasons The Brush Guys Gift Cards are Great Gifts

Gift cards have this bad reputation of being too impersonal. But that’s something you should not worry about when you give The Brush Guys gift cards to your friends or family. Our gift cards encourage them to start their art projects or support their passion. You show you know them while recognizing their full expertise on what they need in terms of paint brushes.

Before adding the gift cards to the cart, discover all reasons why these are wonderful gifts!

1. Buy gifts without leaving your home

Online shopping saves you time and money. Avoid the hassle, and do your holiday shopping using our online shop. We will send the gift card by email, at a date of your choosing, with the personal message you want to include.

2. Avoid returns headaches

It is already bad when you cannot choose the right gift for your loved one, but it can get worse. Returning or exchanging a gift can be a real struggle for the receiver or yourself – complicated return policies, long lines, delays, etc. Avoid these with a gift card!

3. Encourage your loved ones to spend on their passion

Most people rarely choose to shop to spoil themselves a bit. A gift card from The Brush Guys will encourage them to start that art project they always wanted. Give them a gift card to choose the brushes they need and show how much you value their artwork.

4. Gift cards allow people to choose what they want

A gift card keeps you safe from picking the wrong paint brushes. You may not have the right expertise in selecting the brushes, or you do not know what your loved ones miss. Let them choose what they need or want for their future art projects!

5. They can use it when they need

The Brush Guys gift cards never expire. Your recipient can use it when they need it and can quickly check their gift card balance on their account.

Check all the advantages of our gift cards here, and do not hesitate to ask for help!

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