TBG 19 Aqualon Wisp Brush Assortment


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Royal Aqualon Wisp 8 piece Brush Assortment set*

Aqualon™ brushes are constructed with premium quality, multi-diameter synthetic filaments that hold large amounts of water and color and offer exceptional resilience over time. The clear acrylic handles can soak in water without swelling or cracking and offer a beveled scraper edge for highlighting, burnishing, scraping and color removal.

The patented Aqualon Wisp™ brushes feature meticulously cut hair that creates unique detailed strokes in an instant. Effortlessly paint grass, hair, fur, cross-hatch, basket weave and detail lines. These brushes are available in four basic brush styles: flat, angular, filbert and fan.

Retail Value: $50.00 to $60.00

8 piece brush set: $19.95

* Note: Picture shown does not reflect the actual brushes you will be receiving. The Brush Guys reserve the right to pick which brushes will be sent. Every effort will be made to not send duplicate brushes.

Subject to quantities on hand.


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