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CeeCee Côté

Catherine Côté, aka CeeCee, is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist living in the greater Montreal area. In 2005, she decided to leave the corporate world to pursue the creative life and hasn't looked back since. Her passion for art started at a very young age with drawing which led her to mixed media and, more recently, a strong passion for watercolor. She has been creating videos since 2008 on her YouTube channel because she wanted to inspire others to express their creativity. CeeCee is also teaching online classes and has presence in most social medias under "creationsceecee". Her motto: "create for yourself and share with others".


Here are the brush lines that CeeCee recommends:

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Black Silver by Dynasty Brush

Caviar by Dynasty Brush

Select by Princeton Brush

Aqua Elite by Princeton Brush

Neptune by Princeton Brush

Soft Aqua by Raphael

Black Velvet by Silver Brush

Ruby Satin by Silver Brush

Simply Simmons XF

Essentials Brush Box by ArtBin

Brush Groomer

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