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Black Velvet 3 piece set
Silver Brush Black Velvet

This unique blend of natural squirrel hair and black synthetic filament creates ideal working tools for the watercolorist, silk painter, and artists working with inks, dyes, acrylics or gouache.

Squirrel hair holds large amounts of color and releases it with perfect control. By itself, squirrel is delicate. So Silver blended it with a synthetic to resist wear and maintain a wonderful snap and spring. This soft blend allows multiple layer glazing without disturbing previous colors, yet it’s firm enough to lift color with a gentle scrub.

Black Velvet features polished black ferrules, carefully fitted to gloss black handles, each with a distinctive silver neck band.*
*Series 3008S: Beveled tip black plastic handles for scraping or burnishing.
*Series 3014S ferrules of stainless steel. Flat hardwood handles, lacquered gloss black with silver tips.

Here's what Earline Padgett, watercolorist , decorative painter & teacher says about Black Velvet™

"The best performance only comes from the highest quality tools, and Black Velvet™ is the best I've ever used for watercolor. Their blend of natural squirrel hair with synthetic filaments combines for excellent carrying capacity with control, spring and precise pointing. They are full bodied and have wonderful snap!
As a teacher, I provide loaner brushes for class use. I've found Black Velvet™ to have consistent quality and excellent strength to resist wear. Of the many shapes and sizes available, my favorite is the versatile Oval Wash - which offers not only a broad wash, but also a long slender edge and fine point. I never hesitate to recommend Black Velvet to my students

This set contains one each 3/4 inch Oval Wash, #8 Round, and #1 Script Liner.

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Black Velvet 3 piece set