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Mineral Optics Eye Contour 53 Brush
Mineral Optics Eye Contour 53 Brush


Eye Contour 53 Brush
The Mineral  Optic Eye Contour 53 brush is made with soft, flexible hair allowing you to  brush the shadow back and forth for maximum blending in the contour of your  eyes.
About Mineral Optics
Mineral Optics  is a unique brush program designed for but not exclusively to mineral makeup.  There are six cosmetic brushes in this product line. Three are optic brushes,  two are finishing eye brushes and one is a brow groomer.

Mineral makeup is typically a loose powder that does  not have talc. There are two types of hair used to make these distinctive  Mineral Optic brushes. The black hair is a natural hair made from artist quality  capra or goat hair. The white hair is made from a synthetic synthetic blend.  This combination allow your mineral based makeup to be applied with the natural  hair and softened/blended with the synthetic fibers.

A softer look can be easily created by applying makeup  strictly with the white hair tips of the brushes. Our makeup experts have found  that this technique is particularly effective when using bronzing powders.

Click here to watch a demonstration of the Eye Contour Cosmetic Brush


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Mineral Optics Eye Contour 53 Brush