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Shipping Info

Most of our orders will ship by United States Postal Service -- First Class Mail or Priority Mail. We strive to ship every order either the same day we receive it or the next business day at the latest.

Our shipping and handling costs are as follows:

ORDER TOTAL                      SHIPPING COST

Up to $29.99     $6.95
$30.00 to $49.99   $5.95
$50.00 to $58.99 $4.95
over $59.00 FREE

These rates are for shipments to the United States.  Canadian shipping table is below, followed by the shipping table for all other countries.  International orders will be shipped by USPS First Class International.


Our shipping table is based on shipping brushes, which are light, therefore inexpensive to ship.  We do offer a few other items such as brush soap, sets, brush accessories, palettes, etc.  These items cost a bit more to ship and your shipping cost will be adjusted accordingly. 


Canadian Shipping Table

All orders          $17.95                                                                

Shipping table for all other countries 

All orders          $24.99    

The Brush Guys are not responsible for any additional export or customs fee's.




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